Elementos (2018)
for piano trio
ca 9′
commissioned by Casa da Música, Portugal
premiered by Trio Adamastor
programme notes

Two Different Pieces (2014)
for violin and piano
ca 7′

To the Muses (2012)
for soprano and piano
Based on the poem by William Blake (1757-1827)

Shapes (2011)
for string quartet
ca 4’30”
Available online at AvA Musical Editions

(kind of) A waltz (2011)
for 4-hand piano
ca 2′

Cradle Song (2011)
for tenor sax. and soprano voice
Based on the poem by William Blake (1757-1827).

Duas Peças para Cinema (2008/2010)
for trio of piano, violin and violoncello
ca 4’30”

Imponderabilidade (2010)
for tenor sax. and piano
Dedicated to Hélder Alves

Alentejo (2009)
para mezzo-soprano, flauta e quarteto de cordas
ca 7’30”
Not premiered yet

Três Formas para Trio de Palhetas (2009)
for oboe, clarinet and bassoon
ca 10′
Disponível online através do CIMP. Por estrear / Not premiered yet.
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Cinco Cores (2006)
for wind quintet
ca 8′